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Terms & Conditions


FIT FOR LIFE memberships have been created by Marcello and Donna Abbate and are not to be used or interpreted for any form of medical diagnosis or mental illness. The meal plans and exercise program’s given to you by FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul should be approved by your doctor and/or physician, if you have any medical condition. There may be risks associated with undergoing a change in diet and exercise program especially if you have any pre existing health concerns or are currently at a poor level of fitness. If you are experiencing poor health and you know you are at risk, we do not recommend you follow our guidance with meal plans or training programs. However, should you choose to participate, please be aware that you are fully responsible for any injuries or illnesses that you may incur/endure during this time. These risks may also occur in healthy individuals, so by agreeing to these terms, please understand that you are fully responsible for your own health.

FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul are not intending to provide physical or mental health advice, or any other advice, for any individual or company and should not be interpreted this way. Both Marcello and Donna are not doctors, so all the information within your program cannot be mislead to assume otherwise. You will be following our programs and memberships willingly and at your own risk.

Everyones results will vary from participating on FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul's programs depending on genetic capabilities and the amount of commitment made.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are aware that you may not see the results you have expected and FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul will not be held responsible.

Membership Suspension & Cancellation

Our programs and memberships have been created to be of service and contribution to our clients. We therefore have made each one of our memberships affordable and within financial reach, given the content and expertise that is available to help change your health for life.
Our mission statement is "to make wellness affordable and achievable for everyone", and we truely believe that our services and products will enhance your heath and life if you are accountable for the commitment that you are making by partaking within the membership option.

As a part of your 16-week membership you have access to Marcello and Donna Abbate as your integrated wellness coaches, who will offer you support and guidance to keep you motivated and on path. Please reach out to your integrated wellness coaches at anytime for support via the app VOXER.

Our 16-week programs are designed for a 16-week period because it takes this length of time to see a change in body composition and lifestyle. This is what you are committing to by becoming a member once you have completed a free trial week. Please note that during your free trial week, if you do not wish to commence the 16-week membership you can send an email to donna@fitforlifemindbodysoul.com.au BY DAY SIX to avoid being charged $20.50/week, or if you have paid the upfront payment of $330, this can be refunded to you.

Should you wish to suspend your membership during the 16-week period, you are able to put your membership on hold for a total of 2-weeks during the 16-week period. This option is available if you pay for your membership upfront, if you choose to do the weekly repayments or if you choose to do the ongoing subscription. No administration fees will be charged for this process to occur, simply send an email to donna@getffl.com.au and notify Donna of the dates in which you need to put your current subscription or membership on hold. Commencement of your membership will occur on the date following.

If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so, upon completion of the 16-week program or block (if you are on the subscription) by sending an email to Donna.

By choosing to put your membership on hold for a 2-week period or for 1-week twice during the 16-weeks, it will still enable you to fulfil your wellness vision without leading to negative outcomes.

FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul can appreciate that at times you need to press pause due to unforeseen circumstances.
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