Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Are you ready to transform your workplace
and empower your employees daily with a positive path
of wellness, nutrition, fitness, yoga and mindfulness?


Our Workplace Wellness Program is a premium 16-week integrated online program that enables your team to get into the best shape of their life, both mentally and physically, with step-by-step guidance from Donna and Marcello Abbate, Australia's most experienced integrated wellness coaches.

Enhance your workplace by cultivating an environment that invests in personal performance and embraces a wellness culture to influence positive changes! Our program offers every employee a clear path to health, nourishment, flexibility and fitness, enhancing them personally and professionally - mind, body and soul.

After you register your team, they will gain exclusive access to our video library which includes over 10-hours of restorative and challenging fitness training, nutrition, yoga sequences, pilates training, mindfulness techniques, qigong, meditation and lifestyle management. The program also includes an organic wholefoods nutritional plan with easy-to-prepare recipes, weekly training splits, interactive games and quizzes, as well as 100% support from our coaches. Each week flows onto the next via our online platform, providing a pathway of change over time and designed to keep each team member's wellness vision alive along their health and wellness journey.
FIT FOR LIFE also offer add-on services, including mindfulness sessions, fitness, naturopathic and nutritional coaching. You may also greatly benefit from a custom wellness event or transformative retreat for your team!

Why Workplace WEllness matters

Burnout, stress, physical health and anxiety are significant issues in the workplace…
Throw the pandemic's mental health impact into the mix - business leaders now
need to meet a dramatically heightened need for health and wellness support and services.

The CSIRO conducted a study with 4,000 participants emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns feeling their exercise (66%), emotional wellbeing (41%) and diet (36%) had worsened to some degree, with 2 in 5 indicating they had gained weight during the outbreak, and 60% reporting a negative shift in their overall satisfaction with life.
The Medical Journal of Australia has concluded that mental health problems were at least twice as prevalent as in non-pandemic circumstances, and one person in every five is now experiencing clinically-relevant depression symptoms.
RACGP has also reported that 35% of Australians reported weight gain during the pandemic and half of those surveyed admitted to struggling with their weight. 21% of Australians also said they had started drinking more alcohol - this is more than double the global average (10%).
Gallup has found that although wellbeing dropped to historic 12-year low amid the coronavirus outbreak, the engagement of the working population has hit a new high with 38% of employees enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

Online Program inclusions

Free Trial Week

Discover if this program is for you, opt-out available on DAY SIX

Meal Plans

16-week wholefoods nutritional program with simple recipes

Fitness Program

16-week restorative and challenging exercise plans

Mindfulness Training

Motivational mindfulness lessons

Free eBooks

Download our complimentary Wholefoods Recipes and Peak Performance eBooks

Video Library

Over 100 educational and instructional nutritional, fitness and yoga videos

Supplement Guide

Enhance your progress with optional high-quality supplement products

Private Community

Access to private Facebook accountability group

Real Support

Access to integrated health and wellness coaches

Workplace WEllness add-ons


Our proprietary app, The Challenge, can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet and delivers weekly challenges, useful information, tips and tricks, and much more. It requires participants to submit photos and videos of their food creations, favourite exercises, and also to answer trivia and complete key elements, to earn points. The Challenge will unite your team, inspire communication, trust, break down barriers and build morale.


Marcello Abbate has the ability to connect with any individual and leave them with a mindset, skillset and toolset to create a calmer, centered state of mind. His Zoom sessions are for addressing specific personal and professional pain points that can lead to breakdowns in the workplace! These interactive sessions promote team engagement and accountability as each member continues to integrate the principles of the online program into their lives.  


Our bespoke events and retreats range from 1/2 - 3 days, and are custom-designed to teach your team resilience, wellness and mindfulness in the modern world. They include activities such as mindfulness and wellness seminars, team building, functional nutrition and naturopathy, group fitness and strength training, digital wellbeing, nature walks, meditation, dance, qigong, tai chi and yoga. See example: JOBLINK plus - A tailored Healthy Conference

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