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"Donna’s energy, warmth, uplifting and enthusiastic approach to integrating a multitude of health and wellness practices into your life is first class. She’s helped me stay motivated to be a better version of myself. It is my pleasure to highly recommend this amazing individual!"
Executive Chairman, Di Bella Coffee
“I believe Donna is an Earth angel. Her positivity vibrates, lifts everyone around her and inspires me to look after myself better. She lives and breathes her philosophies, making her health personified. And just quietly, she rivals Michelle Obama for best arms on the planet!”
Journalist & TV Presenter
“I first met Marcello as a teenage athlete trying to pursue my dream of the Olympics. I can confidently say that many of my successes have been greatly influenced by his approach to working with the whole individual through physical, mental and nutritional mentorship and guidance.”
Digital Marketing Specialist, Google
"Donna is a unicorn when it comes to wellness! She helps you overcome health issues in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle. Donna's calming nature helped me embrace compassion and wisdom. I have recommended her to many friends and she has helped them change their lives too!"
Radio & TV Personality
“I have worked with Donna and Marcello for 20-years through personal training, mindfulness, nutrition and genuine friendship. ENABLO is also seeing the results of a more engaged and motivated team. They are THE recipe for success and we look forward to the next 20-years!”
Global Head of Operations, ENABLO
“Marcello is a world class mindfulness coach. I have worked with him both personally and professionally for more than 7-years. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and leave them with the mindset, skillset and toolset to create space in their lives. I highly recommend Marcello as a mindfulness coach.”
Director, Executive Coach & Speaker
Donna, is a profound program leader at running retreats. From our initial introduction, she was warm, passionate & approachable. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and gracious with her time. She is an intent listener and empowered me to make some significant changes to my lifestyle, and more importantly, enhanced me mentality. Donna exuded energy and enthusiasm, is compassionate and genuine in her encouragement towards each retreat member. Donna was the perfect example of ‘practice what you preach’. 
Elite Athlete Diving Australian Olympic Bronze Medalist
Donna’s online training programme rescued me from the exhausting decision and fatigue of what, when and how to exercise.
Following her cardio, strength training and yoga steps have been a no-brainer. She’s done all the work for me to follow. All I do is the work-outs each day and she’s always there - in video and in person - when I need her for guidance, moral support and as a hugely positive influence. I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

Journalist, editor, and author

Donna Abbate you have an incredible talent in such a spiritual way. Your personal attention to each person on retreat is extraordinary, and I really appreciate the affect you have in every way at Gwinganna. No wonder the business is such an outstanding experience when they are surrounded by leadership such as yours.  Thank you Donna for a special life experience, you have a rare talent in the industry and certainly bought a smile and positive changes to me that I will carry into every day of my life!
Mr Paparazzi - Celebrity Photographer 
“ The term “life changing” is certainly apt and applicable when referring to my personal journey with Donna Abbate and Fit For Life: Mind Body and Soul to date. She and her team have taught me to take ownership of my health and to take action. It has been transformational especially from a spiritual and mindfulness perspective - which was never a priority in my life. She has taught me the essence of balance and how each component is interlinked i.e. Mind, Body and Soul. These skills lay the foundation for success which she empowers within oneself. I am truly grateful for this incredible journey I have enjoyed with Donna, one which is on-going and the very essence of who I am. The ultimate professional with a caring and compassionate manner for which I am forever grateful”
Principal Interior Designer
Marcello has a unique set of skills and experience that makes him an exceptional trainer, coach and mentor to myself, and my family. For the past 20 years Marcello has been mentoring my entire family which includes 4 children, (two of which become national sports champions), whereby he supported them all through their formative years, nurturing their growing bodies and minds from grade 9 until entering the work force. He blends 30 years of direct experience in the fitness industry which include strength training, boxing, martial arts, rehabilitation, wellness, and buddhist psychology mindfulness coaching. 
Marcello’s corporate mindfulness presentations to BDO has been a standout to our team, he is a trusted advisor, mentor and family friend.
BDO Partner

After attending two detox retreats,I found myself returning home with the same old habits and was unable to sustain long term change. Donna’s Embodied Women’s Wellness program and ongoing coaching sessions provided me with the structure and support I was seeking, and has enabled me to see significant changes in my body composition, food & lifestyle choices.
The program offered me advice on nutrition, resistance training, yoga and Pilates, but also gave me access to Marcello’s wonderful mindfulness, meditation and Qi Gong videos. 

Donna and Marcello genuinely want to see people become the best version of themselves, they are the authentic item and their programs are the vehicle to enable you to do that.
Industry Liaison Officer and Career Advisor

Donna was our customer facing Program Manager at Gwinganna for 14 years and contributed in a significant way to the guest experience. As the go-to person for our guests her weekly conversations helped thousands of people make positive and healthy changes to their lives.
Owner Gwinganna Lifestyle retreat
Congratulations on 10 exceptional years as the Program Manager at Gwinganna Lifestyle retreat! Your commitment and effort has directly contributed to the retreats success. Your role is instrumental to the guest experience and kudos to you for excellent performance consistently during this time. I am honoured to work with you and are filled with gratitude for your commitment.
Gwinganna General Manager

Donna facilitated a 7 day detox wellness retreat for the residence as we sailed from New Zealand to Australia on the World of Residensea.  
Her Qigong was a game changer as we sailed through the Milford sounds and her spirit and determination to support all the guests was abundant, leaving each of us with fond memories and long lasting gratitude.
Resident of The World of Residensea
Donna guided me through a series of physical yoga practices that gently knocked at the door of my soul. This is where I struggle to articulate my experience into words as I know it’s so much bigger than that for me. I felt safe in her presence, I was willing, open, and ready to go to the places of darkness within me that so rewardingly, showed me the light. My body flowed with ease and breath - into and out of poses that allowed years of emotional work, to shift, rest, rejuvenate and repair. I could really feel the energy move through my body - a REAL connection of body, mind, and soul.

In my opinion, Donna is a light worker, healer, carrier of infinite love and light, A conscious, accountable being with vibrations that may heal, guide, and encourage you effortlessly, to reach your highest and truest self.

Founder Samsara Women's Health club
Donnas nutritional expertise and guidance in developing my own “wellbeing vision” - set up a compelling reason why I wanted to do the 16 week men's wellness program. What really made the difference was the subtle well-timed personal check-ins. When I’d ask specific questions or advice, her responses would be prompt, practical and research-based. What was most found was she always met where I was at, pushing me just out of comfort zone but never too far that it was unsustainable or realistic. Her focus was on finding a sustainable rhythm for me worked for my lifestyle- not an unrealistic standard of perfection that would never stick.
My weight is down, I feel lighter, and my skin has never looked better. What I’m happiest about is the habits have stuck - the way I eat and shop seems to have changed for good.


Workplace wellness testimonials

Fit for Life has been incredibly valuable for our business and team. Donna and Marcello’s wellness programs have been instrumental in helping us maintain a sense of calm amidst our fast-paced workdays and have provided us with invaluable skills that have significantly improved our health, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing. Thanks to the programs, we have noticed an increase in our team's focus, productivity and morale. The sessions have not only provided us with a great learning experience but also a fantastic team-building opportunity that has strengthened our bond and culture. Even our interstate teams have been able to participate in the program remotely. We are delighted to continue working with Fit for Life and highly recommend their services to any organisation looking to invest in their team's wellbeing and productivity.
Managing Directors MA'AT COLLECTIVE

I have had the absolute pleasure working with Donna and Marcello from Fit for Life.  Their perfectly curated Workplace wellness program and seminars were targeted to address each individual’s specific wellness goals and needs (at work and home). This program resulted in our team enhancing their overall health, wellness, energy, vitality, mental performance, sense of calm, productivity and, importantly, engagement. It has also resulted in a substantial shift in our culture and the conversations we have and actions we take regarding our team’s wellness at home and work. Marcello and Donna’s care, support, guidance and friendship has meant that our team can not only survive but really thrive in our high-performance culture. Importantly, our team are able to be at their very best - each and every day - not just for work, but for their friends, family, loved ones and themselves!
Global Co-Head International Projects Group. Global Co-Head Energy Sector.

The Fit for Life’s Workplace Wellness program provided a step-by-step guide that was easy to understand, extremely educational and provided a clear nutritional, mindfulness and exercise plan that I was motivated to follow for 16 weeks. Donna’s support was invaluable and sessions with her enhanced productivity, mental performance, sleep, energy and optimism.
This program is dynamic and engaging as it brings teams together with a collective goal to focus on well-being, selfcare which has contributed to a happier workplace and culture. This program is a great reminder and reset for anyone or any business in regard to prioritising health and wellbeing.

Founder, Executive Consultant, Business Strategist, Mentor, Podcast Host, FASHION EQUIPPED

“I have worked with Donna and Marcello for 20-years through personal training, mindfulness, nutrition and genuine friendship. ENABLO is also seeing the results of a more engaged and motivated team. They are THE recipe for success and we look forward to the next 20-years!”
Global Head of Operations, ENABLO

“Marcello is a world class mindfulness coach. I have worked with him both personally and professionally for more than 7-years. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and leave them with the mindset, skillset and toolset to create space in their lives. I highly recommend Marcello as a mindfulness coach, enhancing mental performance in peoples lives.”
Director, Executive Coach & Speaker, JONAH GROUP

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