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Wellness” advocates achieving the harmony of one’s mind, body and soul, each and every day.

Integrated practices and techniques, such as intellectual study for the mind, exercise and nutrition for the body, and meditation for the soul, fundamentally cultivate a way of being whole.

When you honour yourself and others, you will find yourself to be happier, healthier, and wiser.

Donna and Marcello Abbate created FIT FOR LIFE: Mind Body Soul to help individuals successfully integrate health, wellness, mindfulness and fitness into their personal, work and family life.

We are an evidence based company that has strong roots in complimentary medicine, exercise science, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness, qigong, and meditation. We provide programs, events, coaching and consulting.

Are ready to embrace wellness to enhance you mentally, physically and emotionally?
Do you desire peak performance personally, professionally and across all of your relationships?



Donna is a leading wellness facilitator and has transformed 1000s of lives at FIT FOR LIFE and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Her fusion of fitness modalities, nutritional and naturopathic medicine, educational seminars and group fitness sessions are unparalleled.


Leveraging 25yrs experience, Marcello is a pioneer in the fitness industry specialising in body biomechanics, martial arts, tai chi and mindfulness mentoring. His ability to connect and initiate lasting change has reached the hearts of many.


Jason is a veteran events specialist that facilitates healthy, educational and rewarding retreats and activities for both corporate and private groups. He has a passion for fitness, wellness and effective team building.


James specialises in digital, automated systems and online software applications, while also providing technical support to FIT FOR LIFE members. He has an entrepreneurial heart and a strong focus on health and wellness.


Jen leverages more than 20yrs experience in the technology industry specialising in branding, marketing, sales, design and development. She is the founder of several online businesses and certified in digital wellbeing.


"Donna’s energy, warmth, uplifting and enthusiastic approach to integrating a multitude of health and wellness practices into your life is first class. She’s helped me stay motivated to be a better version of myself. It is my pleasure to highly recommend this amazing individual!"
Executive Chairman, Di Bella Coffee
“I believe Donna is an Earth angel. Her positivity vibrates, lifts everyone around her and inspires me to look after myself better. She lives and breathes her philosophies, making her health personified. And just quietly, she rivals Michelle Obama for best arms on the planet!”
Journalist & TV Presenter
“I first met Marcello as a teenage athlete trying to pursue my dream of the Olympics. I can confidently say that many of my successes have been greatly influenced by his approach to working with the whole individual through physical, mental and nutritional mentorship and guidance.”
Digital Marketing Specialist, Google
"Donna is a unicorn when it comes to wellness! She helps you overcome health issues in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle. Donna's calming nature helped me embrace compassion and wisdom. I have recommended her to many friends and she has helped them change their lives too!"
Radio & TV Personality
“I have worked with Donna and Marcello for 20-years through personal training, mindfulness, nutrition and genuine friendship. ENABLO is also seeing the results of a more engaged and motivated team. They are THE recipe for success and we look forward to the next 20-years!”
Global Head of Operations, ENABLO
“Marcello is a world class mindfulness coach. I have worked with him both personally and professionally for more than 7-years. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and leave them with the mindset, skillset and toolset to create space in their lives. I highly recommend Marcello as a mindfulness coach.”
Director, Executive Coach & Speaker
Donna, is a profound program leader at running retreats. From our initial introduction, she was warm, passionate & approachable. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and gracious with her time. She is an intent listener and empowered me to make some significant changes to my lifestyle, and more importantly, enhanced me mentality. Donna exuded energy and enthusiasm, is compassionate and genuine in her encouragement towards each retreat member. Donna was the perfect example of ‘practice what you preach’. 
Elite Athlete Diving Australian Olympic Bronze Medalist
Donna’s online training programme rescued me from the exhausting decision and fatigue of what, when and how to exercise.
Following her cardio, strength training and yoga steps have been a no-brainer. She’s done all the work for me to follow. All I do is the work-outs each day and she’s always there - in video and in person - when I need her for guidance, moral support and as a hugely positive influence. I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

Journalist, editor, and author

Donna Abbate you have an incredible talent in such a spiritual way. Your personal attention to each person on retreat is extraordinary, and I really appreciate the affect you have in every way at Gwinganna. No wonder the business is such an outstanding experience when they are surrounded by leadership such as yours.  Thank you Donna for a special life experience, you have a rare talent in the industry and certainly bought a smile and positive changes to me that I will carry into every day of my life!
Mr Paparazzi - Celebrity Photographer 


Is it challenging to find simple AND delicious healthy recipes? Recipes that will improve your performance and body shape?

Donna Abbate and Tony Percuoco have created 30 delicious and nutritious recipes that are simple to create and that will enhance your wellness and fitness program. These recipes are composed of real whole food ingredients, directly from nature, and designed to regulate your energy, mood, body composition, vitality and food cravings. They will also decrease inflammation and promote a gentle cleanse. There is nothing more important than the nourishing your body. The food you eat gifts you the nutrients required to heal every single cell in your body, making you think, function and feel fantastic!
Are you seeking an edge? A desire to become your personal best and enhance your performance?

This is the ultimate guide to build muscle mass, the natural way, improve your metabolism and get into the best shape. This comprehensive guide provides solutions on how to raise the bar, smash your comfort zone and experience peak moments throughout your life. We not only share techniques on how to enhance your overall health, but also how to be a better parent, friend, boss and colleague. From self-care to mindfulness to fitness training, the material will inspire you to be the best version of you possible, making a real difference to how you feel and influence those around you.


How much water should I drink per day?
We recommend starting with a minimum of 1-litre per day, and over time, increasing to 3-litres per day.

Are there any products that I should take during a FIT FOR LIFE program?
We strongly recommend Modere products to support you throughout our programs. Please contact Donna for a personalised prescription.

Can I get more support from FIT FOR LIFE?
Our team is available via the Voxer app and email for any questions and to help keep you on track with our programs. However, it is very popular for our members to also purchase our weekly check-in and integrated wellness services, which offer you more personalised 1/1 attention and support.

What types of foods will I be eating?
All program recipes are gluten, dairy and sugar-free. You will reward your body with a detox due to all meals being wholefoods, organic and anti-inflammatory. You will not only lose weight but you will also achieve optimum health.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership but only during your trial week. If you do not wish to proceed with your program, please email us by day 6. You can also pause your membership once for a 2-week period – either 2 weeks in a row, or two 1-week periods.

What does the building and cutting phase mean?
In short, the “building” phase is to balance your microbiome, your circadian rhythm, restore and balance your blood sugar levels, to build your mitochondria health and energy production, as well as build a strong robust metabolism. Once you have completed the building phase, you will have lost body fat and built some muscle mass (especially if you have been doing the strength training program at the same time). So when you move into the “cutting” phase of the program, by reducing your carbohydrates slowly, you will continue to drop body fat and get into the best possible shape of your life by week 16. We go into further details in our videos, accessible by members only.
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, food and culture.
We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
We acknowledge their ancient and continuous knowledge of agriculture and native Australian foods.
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